Home Sale & Renovation in Sardinia

It supports you in choosing and managing the perfect Sardinia home for you.

New or to be restored, the choice of properties is still wide. For this reason, starting from your functional and economic needs, we will guide you choosing the property, through a valuation of the strenghts and the weaknesses.

If you choose this type of service, you will not need to come to Sardinia to manage the bureaucracy that a buy & restore activity leads. We will handle the documents, the draftning av the project, the contact with everyone who is involved in the process like the Bodies and the construction company and the final building test until the turnkey delivery.

Home Sale & Renovation in Sardinia will also be at your side in the decision-making process regarding the level of renovation to which your home in Sardinia is subjected, considering the incentives which can be used, with a view to make the smartest possible investment.

It will be achieved trough:

  • a feasibility study of the interventions allowed by law, by the features of the building and the budget, through a cost estimation
  • a analysis of the decrease in energy consumption after these interventions
  • a time schedule for a clear planning without surprises

Here there are some of the interventions that you can make in your house.

1. Ordinary maintenance works

• repair works

• finishes

• efficiency of plant engineering

• painting walls

• painting of doors and garages

• internal and external coatings

• retractable stairs

• arrangement of chimney pots and smoke extraction systems

• replacement of obsolete technological elements for lifts

• waterproofing roofs and terraces

• replacement of gutters and downspouts

• repair of railings and parapets

• replacing shutters while maintaining pre-existing characteristics

2. Extraordinary maintenance work

• replacement of fixtures of different shapes and sizes

• replacement of toilets and renovation of toilets

• construction of pertinent structural works

• boiler replacement

• renovation of stairs, fences, surrounding walls and gates

• partitions

• structural interventions

• structural consolidation and foundations

3. Conservative restoration

• global renovation with the installation of new plants

• structural consolidation while respecting the typological, formal and structural elements

4. Building renovation

• whole transformation of the building

• demolition and reconstruction with maintenance of the same volume

Bureaucracy will not be a problem for you. Home Sale & Renovation in Sardinia will take care of:

  • the drafting of the design documents required to obtain the building permits
  • the editing of the Energy Performance Certification
  • the cost estimation
  • the time schedule
  • the construction supervision
  • the cadastral information updating
  • the final building test

No misunderstanding, but an atmosphere of collaboration with all the professionals involved in the project. This is how we work.